Parahippocampal Gyrus - UPDATE

What a great day!
"...because life without sarcasm would be a dull and way too nice place to be if you ask me."

-Meredith F. Small
Oh, speaking of which, George Carlin died. So? Everyone dies eventually. What's the big hoopla, anyway? Is it me or was that dude pretty much not funny, anyhow? Guh.

Have a nice day!
------------- UPDATE -------------
"I'm with you on that one, Holmes. I'll give George Carlin his place in history and acknowledge that perhaps there was a time when his humor was revolutionary, but for as long as I was alive, it seemed mostly to appeal to old hippies who think that wearing rainbow suspenders is a real gas. His delivery seemed forced and his subject matter somewhere between obvious and tired.

It comes down to the difference between stoner humor that exploits your ability to make connections and leaps of reasoning in order to make humorous observations (David Cross, Patton Oswalt) and stoner humor that relies entirely on the fact that you're stoned and will think anything is funny (George Carlin, Tommy Chong)."

-Via Email

My reply: Yeah, am I the dick who has to bear the bad news? That shit ain't funny and neither is Jerry Seinfeld. I give him his due, he paid 'em like nobody's business but he just wasn't funny. Now he's dead. Ha!