An Only Goal

Wow. Today I totally got my ass kicked! Kicked and handed back for close-up inspection. [Yes, that looks like ass] And you know what? It was exactly what was needed. Leave it to the Scouts, I'll tell you. I must have broken a shovel or something.

It was the kind of beating only the closest family member could administer. The right-cross, left-hook wake the fuck up call. Attack on the softened body. Slaps about the skull. I was called "jackass," I was called, "asshole." My attacker was right. It is time.

And I know I'm being obtuse but the detail is not for public review. It's none of your business.

But, so's you know, right and accurate words delivered at exactly the correct time can change everything. The simple kind of perfection that only a sibling in philosophy could deliver.

One gets so accustomed to hopping the fences in life that a leisurely saunter through an open gate just didn't seem obvious or intuitive.

Thankful, I am. It's good to have people watching your back.