Random Acts

So, short story, I went to the ball game yesterday. Interleague. Nationals vs. Orioles. No big deal (besides the fact that Nat's Ronnie Belliard smacked the shit out of a bottom of the 12th, runner on first, two out, two strike fastball to walk off 3-2 winners even though it seemed only Oriloes fans stayed past the 9th).

Of course there's sponsorship abound. You name it. In fact, and the point of the post, ExxonMobil® sponsors a periodic, "Random Act of Kindness" thing. Indeed! Several times during the game ExxonMobil® does something like upgrades seats, gives out $50 gas cards to entire rows, or feeds whole sections. Random acts of corporate marketing.

Uh, ExxonMobil® and "Random Act of Kindness"? Huh?! On one hand it's totally fucking cynical for the company to do this. Some would argue disgusting or insulting. On the other? Brilliant to steal the hippie/liberal bumpersticker slogan and arrogantly use it as its own. C'mon? The kid who proposed this move should get a window cubicle for sheer hubris.

Of course, if any of the ExxonMobil® spies read this post, how 'bout a "random" comp of my next fill-up or a million dollars from that $40 billion quarterly profit. Now that would be random.

Hey, I'm on your side here. I called the heist brilliant.