New Slideshow: Sky

I guess I could've called it "Up," or "Of The Sky" or something, perhaps, but here you are. A bunch of hand-selected images of the stuff you mostly miss but when you catch it can maybe appreciate it. At least that's my take (but who am I, right?).
Sky: [clicky]

(Just wait until you have the time. Seriously, don't rush stuff like this)
(And don't worry, nothing new here; same old bullshit but now "re-purposed!")
(I was just in a mood to do it; reflective + shit)
(Maybe it's
Cracker lyrics - "All things beautiful/I want everything")
(Maybe it's the guitars)
(Or, Lenny Kravitz'
Can We Find a Reason)
(Shit about "We should be rejoicing...")
(...but instead we cry")
(That Lenny, God bless him)
(Maybe it's the organs)
(Keyboards, silly)
(Just a guess)