A Last Word on Politics

"While I'm sure you've had about as much Politco Smack Talk as you can handle this week, I'd like to fire off this missive and then be done with it all. The bottom line is that at every turn we have been continually fucked by our own party (that is of course assuming you are of the Democratic Faith). What happened to Nancy Pelosi and the great Hurricane Katrina inspired upset election in which The Dems took control? What happened to holding Bush's henchmen accountable (even the ones he offered up as sacrificial lambs have escaped question: Rumsfeild? Colin Powell? George Tenet?)? Or for that matter the one's that are still treading water like Condy Rice?

My fear is that Obama gets "The Fear" down the homestretch; buckles under and starts playing scared. This strategy was made famous by that last guy, John Kerry. Here was a guy who fought in a war, came back and protested it and was about the closest thing to a Kennedy this generation will ever see. And he buckled, contracted the Fear and never really was "real" with American Voters. The real John Kerry, had he had the balls to show us, could have beat Bush by a landslide.

If Barry O can keep "fist Bumping," if he can keep saying the shit he's been saying COULD win this thing and inherit the wrecked and damaged carnage of a Country which Bush has left us (on that note the PBS doc on Frontline: 'Bush's War' is top notch, must see TV). In fact it's probably better for The Republicans if he does Win and then they can blame the War on him. All of which is to say that we've got a lot of change and questions and problems still ahead of us. But it sure seems like it would be easier to deal with with Obama running shit then the alternative. Not only that, but who doesn't want to see a Black and White photo of Obama in The Oval Office? Come on..."

- CK June 08

Firstly, I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am not Green and I am not Libertarian. Peace and Freedom, Centrist, Working Families Party? Nope. I was a money giving member in good standing of the Democratic party until that last guy, John Kerry, uttered the now famous words at his nominating convention, "I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty." Then he saluted. That was when I noted in my famous notebook, "Game over. Bush begins his second term NOW!" I believe I quit/re-registered before the 2004 general. I dumped the Democrats and haven't even begun to consider dating others yet.

In Maryland, I am officially registered as "Unaffiliated with Political Party." [Are you down with UPP? Yeah, you know me] I am registered though. I vote like a fiend, and defend the privilege to vote with my life (it's not a right). I love America more than anyone will ever understand. I am America. I resent the hijacking of America. I will take America back.

I have learned that there's only one thing comparably disappointing to the American citizenry as the Republicans. They're called Democrats. The Democrats still call, write, and visit though. Clinton. Carter. Kerry. Pelosi. All of 'em with their robocalls and pseudo "personalized" letters. Starry-eyed kids at my doorstep. I shrug and shake my head and say, "Nope. Not this time."

Fool me once.... The shame. I believe that I have a very low tolerance--with all things--of getting burned. Burned too many times to tolerate more.

So to address your concern, young Cass. Will Barry Oh!® get The Fear? Nope. Not this guy. He may very well suck as president, but he won't get The Fear down the homestretch here. He survived this long-ass nomination fight with panache and attitude. He's stronger, he's badder. Kerry had Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz Kerry in his corner. Teresa didn't give a rat's shit about the presidency and seemed annoyed that John was even running. She smelled the Loser all over him early. He really had no real chance but I had to believe something could overcome the Bush machine. Fool me once.... The shame.

This new kid, Barry Oh!®, however, has Michelle "Shelly Oh!®" Obama on his team. Michelle Obama is the real deal: [clicky]. Trust me here. Bill Clinton would never have won in '92 without Hillary Clinton. Barry could never win without Shelly Oh!®. But the key difference is that Hillary always resented Bill's shortcomings and hung on despite because she also knew his strengths. And being the smarter of the two, she always felt that she had something to prove. Shelly, on the other hand, and Barry both know the deal. A true team. Synced. A real partnership. Both smart and accomplished. Never forget this: Barry is Shelly is Barry. No fear of McCain. No fear of Whitey. Win or lose, no fear of The Fear.

And with this, I bid goodbye to politics here. Maybe some comments down the stretch but you all know my opinions. I leave you with this:

Shelly Oh!® 2012. Hillary paved the way for women; Barry for blacks. See? Everything makes sense.