Guest Post - 1976

"Despite Nixon, a slow economy, and a turnip for a GOP candidate, Carter still barely eeked out a victory and if the election had come two weeks later, he probably would have lost.

Alls I'm saying is that the GOP-machine can sweep Bush under the carpet pretty quickly. Bush? What Bush? That was the old GOP.

And all this 'conservatives don't really cotton to McCain' business is just them faking that they're lame and broke a wing can't fly thus lulling the Democrats into a false sense of inevitable victory. Look for McCain to start campaigning in sandals and a tunic bathed in a beam of light descending from heaven that follows him wherever he goes. Vote for a Muslim? No. Conservatives LOVE McCain. While Obama was smoking pot and dating white girls in a terrorist-run kindergarten in Indonesia, McCain was having direct and open communication with Our Lord from his cell in Hanoi. Conservatives LOVE McCain. Remember when Dukakis let Willie Horton out of jail and he raped a woman? I heard he got her pregnant and the baby was Obama. Conservatives LOVE McCain. I also heard that Obama's first act will be to take our sacred, hallowed hard working, white American Veteran's Day and turn it into Biggie-Tupac Day and make school children celebrate by eating collard greens and drinking purple-flavored "fruit" drink. Conservatives LOVE McCain.

That's alls I'm saying."