Ask Ty...June 5

Q: Now that it looks as if Hillary's defeat is official what kind of dirty, back alley cheap tricks do we have to look forward to from The McCain camp? How long will it take for "The Race" card to emerge? (not the G rated race card-like we have already, but the R-rated race card where people start getting nasty) Is this thing for real or have The Dems found another way to ruin a sure thing and screw up the easiest election since Jimmy Carter followed up the Nixon years? I mean seriously, if a Republican can get elected after what GW Bush has done in the last 8 years isn't the prospect of "democracy" finally truly dead?


Ty: Good questions and even better observations. Eh, politics. I don't know if I'm really in the mood. I mean, you captured all the nuance already. Two things though: 1) Hillary's defeat has been in the bag for a couple of months now. But, she will continue to drag it out for a good while until she gets what she wants. 2) If anyone thought it was dirty pool thus far, you haven't seen anything yet.

As Massachusetts Dan notes, "I'm just afraid of the Republican money; it's like 10x the Dems." Money, money, money, mon-ay. Money!" Even though "No Change" McCain is comparatively broke compared to Barry Oh!® the Republican machine is loaded. Loaded with cash, loaded with tricks, and loaded with plans. And even if the Republicans had no money, it's their coordination and organization that makes the Democrats look like the Beltway Bandits Consulting Company corporate pick-up softball team facing the New York Yankees. No contest.

As far as race? Barry Oh!® may as well wisely get the jump on the general campaign and change his name to Nigger Hussein Elitist Terrorist because he will be called every name in the book and be accused of every sin ever committed against humanity or white American humanity.

Money, dirty tricks, and organization advantage: Republicans. Do not for one second believe that the Republicans are underdogs in this election. Republicans steal elections like you steal Post-Its® from your office desk. They don't even consider it stealing or wrong.

As far as candidates go, RPWalk and I worked through that. Going back to a January 31 post [clicky], the storyline could be:
Obama v. McCain: Young, tall, articulate, dynamic, charismatic, multicultural, global future change agent vs. old, short, crippled, Elmer Fudd-lookin', PTSD, crotchety, white, patriarchal, cancerous, dying past.
Candidate advantage: Democrats. I mean, please? No contesto, hombre.

So, the fundamental questions are: 1) Has George W. Bush sunk the Republicans for this cycle? And, 2) Is "No Change" McCain just too old, crippled, weak, disorganized, and mean to win in 2008.

Will either be Democrat/Obama squeaker and he will be saddled as the no-mandate president and be plagued by scandal after scandal. A genius play for the Republicans would be to cede the election and hold their dirty trick UNTIL Obama's in office. Think Clinton's second term.

Or, McCain in a landslide.

Who knows? Who the fuck cares anymore? One thing's for sure, even though this ain't no 1976, my friends, Iran will figure prominently. We may see a second American revolution as when the Pentagon and the State Department refuse Cheney's orders to attack Iran in October. We'll see! Just a guess.