Zero to a Hundred (now, "02100") at 25

Here's the deal:

Of the original five project photographers for 02100, only three remain as central. The others (charter and alternate) have either dropped out or kindly offered to submit if they happen across something that could work.
"Zero to a Hundred is a group photography project designed to capture images of people between the ages of 0 to 100. It is a showcase of diversity and range...yada-yada, blah, blah...."
Not a problem, really. Art (and especially work) is but a micro reflection of life as we live; people come and go. You say thanks and keep moving forward and hustle for the next meal. If you're lucky you win one of Lily's "Spirit Awards." [Did I just reveal my huge abandonment issue? Gee I hope not.]

So the project moves forward. Guest and new core contributors are welcome. Project ends February 2009. New posts at 02100 today. In fact, 25 ages represented (75 to go!). Some will be replaced, of course, but here you are: [clicky]

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