I Have Made the Decision

Back in February when I was in Berkeley, Rich, Christine and I were playing and extended game of "Getting to Know You" as we waited for our table at the Ethiopian restaurant. "Getting to Know You" is kind of like "Truth or Dare" but for adults; better questions and no silly dares.

One of the questions was if you had to lose either hearing or vision, which would you give up?

I couldn't answer very well at the time. I love visual arts and I love music arts. Hard decision for me.

But, just yesterday, I understood that I could give up vision. Music -- as a listener -- is far too important to me. Too many cheesy love songs, too many hard rockin' jams, too many symphonies, and then there's jazz which I've yet to explore with any seriousness. It's music. It's voices. It's the sounds of nature.

I'd rather hear than see. I could be more productive blind than deaf.