Complaints Department

Bitch, bitch, bitch.... It feels like that's all I hear anymore:
"I work for the federal government and if you don't post anything by 9:00 I actually have to start the day with work. Can you post by 9:00 every day?"

"I don't really like pictures of people. Can you post more pictures of more "middlespacey" things? Thanks."

"I love your people pictures. Can you post more pictures of people?"

"Didn't you already post that you were "out of" the political stuff?"

"Why are you ending political commentary? I like the politics stuff."

"I love the rants. Should I send topics for you to rant about?"

"Can you stop ranting about shit?"

"Your page load times are too slow."

"I thought you were doing ALL black and white this month."

"Why are you only doing black and white pictures."

"You should really organize your pictures in a way that makes it easier to see categories."

"Your stuff is all over the place. Can't you consolidate your stuff better; pictures in one place and words someplace else?"

Oh yeah? You want some blood too? How 'bout I wax your car for you? Need anything from the store? What?! How about I just stop?

I know, artists and businesspeople are supposed to be nice to customers and patrons. Customer's always right and such. I guess, "Shut up we're playing music!" isn't the best way to win over fans. But, you know what? Shut the hell up. Ain't nobody putting the word "Nice" on my urn.

Listen, I ain't doing this for you. This is my rambling, my vision, and my notions. Get off my ass. Stop whining and just enjoy what you get. For free! I mean to the people who send compliments and inspiration, thanks. That's what keeps me moving forward. But to the micro-managers, you really want to use your time to write me about how you want something? And I can hear you now, "I was only trying to help."...

You want to have a say in things? You want to help? Pony up some bread. Commission something, sponsor something, buy some equipment and then maybe you can produce.


Are the new people gone yet? Good. Hi. What's up, middlespacer. I know! Sometimes I just have to shake the kids who aren't real middlespacers yet, like you. They have so much to learn about art, about me, and frankly, about life, right? Why can't everyone be just like you? Seriously.

Anyway, thank you for your all support. Everything I do, I do for you. You know that. Have you been working out? 'Cuz you look great. So rested and healthy.

Here's something just for you: I believe I will really begin my new audio project in earnest next week [clicky]. I think so. It's time. But, don't tell the new people, I hate them. But, I love you.

You're a middlespacer!