Ask Ty...June 12

Q: Why do the spiders like the shower so much?

Just wondering,


Ty: Good question and an even better observation. I know, huh? Spiders just seem to love the shower and it's not like there are a lot of bugs to catch there (well that I've my shower anyhoo). I had to rid the basement shower of a daddy long-legs just the other day. I don't know and am not feeling so Googly right now given that this guy says the interwebs makes you dumb: [clicky]. Google is where I'd look for answers to the shower-spider conundrum. I use a lot of the Internets so I must be really stupid by now.

Speaking of spiders and showers and smarts, the B had their annual awards assembly and the kindergarten kiddo took home two really cute awards: 1) perfect attendance (one of 31 out of like 750 kids); and, 2) a service award for her class/grade. Not to brag, but not bad. Granted attendance has a little bit to do with luck (can't schedule illness) and parental diligence (like not scheduling Disney® vacations during school), so that's just neat. But, the service award is all about working the system. It says, "For going above and beyond the call of duty in the classroom....). That's just work, folks. I mentioned to her that I was "super proud" and she told me to, "stop it!" I know, it's not a big thing. Just putting in the work, dad.

And she received a "P" (for "Proficient" - the highest category) in every category on her report card. Oh, except for one category: Music. She got an "I" for "In Progress" - the middle mark. Good for her. Let the music come to you. Don't force someone else's paradigm upon yourself. Schoenberg probably would have received an "N" for "Not Yet" - the lowest mark. What? Arnold Schoenberg gave a rat's ass about Three Blind Mice or Mary Had a Little Lamb? I don't think so. So I'm not even gonna mention it to her.

Like I said before [clicky], how many albums do those other mopes appear on, huh? I'll await an answer. But, I believe it to be zero. Not to brag, but Sunday is Father's Day so you're welcome.

I ain't know why no damn spider is in the shower! Don't ask me fool questions, man.

Just a guess,