$1,000,000 Idea Guest Post

"I'm sure 31% of all people who have ever gotten stoned have had this idea but:

Have a sitcom called "Jump the Shark" and every episode is the WORST sitcom idea you could come up with. Like, the oldest daughter goes on a date and the father becomes comically over-protective and acts a little like a caveman (red face, grunting, steam coming out of the ears).

Or there's some misunderstanding about a date and people get their hopes up and then get their feelings hurt but in the end there is a firmer appreciation for how desperately pathetic one of the B characters' lives is.

And every week they're introducing a new outrageously cute and precocious 5-year old/furry, semi-fictitious primate. And the other formerly cute and precocious 5-year olds/furry, semi-fictitious primates start phoning in their performances/throwing their poop."

- Rev. DJ Richie-Scratchie
And don't forget the episode Henry Winkler guest stars as the motorcycle daredevil who will literally jump a shark on his motorcycle.

Oh, and the one where all the babies have thoughts and we hear those thoughts and their associated adult voices and notions. Works with the pets too. And the season ending episode were the cousin moves in.

There's always the one where the fat, ugly guy gets the hottie too. Tons of innuendo and miscommunication. Classic.