Notebook Review: Middlespace Defined

On occasion I feel compelled to review all the notebook jottings that are unresolved (or, in some cases, unresolvable). There are various entries that didn't result in an action. Some items will never result in an action. There are questions, quotations, notes, etc. Since I'm 9/10th through this current Moleskine® notebook and it will soon be relegated to the retired shelf here is a review. Sad.

And, just so you know, there is a value: This is the stuff in my brain. These notes are the raw materials that push me toward doing the things I do. If you have a free 15-minutes and are bored out of your mind, read it. You'll learn what is important and what is of interest to me.

OK, don't read this garbage, you'll just write me off as nutty. That was a retarded suggestion on my part; opening up a man's notebook is never a good thing. Go away, will you.


A dump of the unresolved:
It's about who can eat the most cake in five years.

A business doesn't need to be fair.

The scent of neglect.


12.15 = DMK

Today is a good light day.

PB #18


Chris Marker "La Jetee"

Modesty is the
The anchor opposite of
Loathful insanity

Laconic eloquence
Hard smoking & alcoholism
Had, by then, ravaged her beauty

A body of work cumulative in its power.

Portrait of space

"He'd obviously hoped to create a moment."

Powder Monkey Sights & Sounds
Sight & Sound
Sound & Sight

Music + photography
Photography + music
...something & blissout

Hybrid of sight/sound

John Luther Adams
John Cage
Morton Feldman

" can sound strange, that it lacks familiar reference points."

"What we try to do is search out that kind of emotional trigger."

Thinking about things a different way. Reject the unrejectable.

Emotional triggers ---> "The Senses"

Like a trashcan holding all the information.

- visual
- taste
- sound

Biosignatures. Water is a good solvent for biochemical reactions.

Thresholds, boundaries, & so-called "sweet spots."

The sadness of modernity.

Where is your town?

Negro Progress.
Negro Problem.
Marcus Garvey
The time has come to grow up.

Discipline & dutiful stewardship.

On the verge of either a breakthrough
of a break down

Fear of being stuck with my mind.

(55 ft/sec.)

Back to "LA Black"

Nuances & complications w/impeccable posture

Eat slow meals outdoors or drink espresso on the patio.

Twelve %

Environmental adjustments.
When poisoned...compensation is by accelerated sexual maturation & earlier offspring bearing.

The Overburden"

Courteous roguishness

"Your job is to find the best way for [those] people to hold on to their dignity."


"In cognitive science, incidents of brain damage are nature's experiments."

I brought the dog...where's the pony?"

What's the deal with grave robbers?

Goggle glasses.




Poor but deep
Rich but shallow

What's the deal w/these people?

"A most dread portent took place."

Perhaps I have damaged my (<-- see?) brain, like permanently.

One-man Band, Joe

A Reward-Output Cycle
Thresholds of rewards balancing w/expectations
Of output

Slowly make things happen.

Public spaces/places/spaces


Add post re: JBH

Paralyzing stammer

A secret coterie
Art rather than
An expansive one

"About the only think that could change [humans waxing out of control until the species crashes], shourt of the species-wide sacrifice of voluntary human extinction, is to prove that intelligence really makes us special after all."

Meanwhile, the Raconteurs

Quasars/Pulsars/Black Holes


"Each killing demands a revenge killing."

PB21 - brilliant

I love my country--I don't think I could be happy anywhere else

MoPed = Mope Head

"Hi, doggie."

I feel much better being all caught up (although not a perfect record). But, I fully understand that by placing these notes here, they've become unresolvable (minus things in progress). This might be a last stop for the majority. A last gasp before shelving: