New Yorker - May 12

Since practically everybody I know tries to read the New Yorker, I cannot send individual email messages nor spam you about the May 12 issue. Why am I writing this post? Hell if I know, but there's some good stuff in this issue. If you get it, read it. If you don't get it, print that shit from the web. In fact, people. Read more. I'm sick of talking about Hillary, Obama, and Elmer "No Change" Fudd. Let's move on. I Hope® it's time for a Change®!

Is this issue a monster? Does it kill? Is there a Malcolm sighting?
Brains - Well there is a Malcolm sighting indeed. He contributes a piece called In the Air, but it's probably the weakest piece in the issue. Interesting as the topic is, he totally mailed the piece in from his vacation island somewhere in the equatorial Pacific. It must have been some mess since the published/edited version is barely coherent. But it's a Malcolm Gladwell® piece so you kind of have to read it and get out of it what you need. He's still a legend, just lazy. Maybe he's tired from rolling around in his bed of cash. And, see, it's just like Malcolm, the weakest piece but the most type about it. Dammit!

Sight - Not to be skipped or shelved is the Lauren Collins piece on Pascal Dangin called Pixel Perfect. It's about seeing without being seen. This piece is my omen to sell out, man.

Taste & Smell - A Man of Taste really got me thinking about how I approach art. It's about food and it's about cancer too! Nothing really beats food and cancer, right? This might be the sleeper piece of the issue. Maybe the best even.

Sound - Alex Ross writes (so well) about John Luther Adams, the composer, and his hugely krunk approach to composition in Song of the Earth. This is the genius piece.
I haven't read the parrot piece yet but Daniel Clowes does the cover so that's cool.

Why did I even post this lame-ass stuff?