But Let's Not Be Confined To Praise

So I complimented an artist friend of mine after her brilliant post of some cricket wickets or some such thing. I proclaimed the work to be, "Brilliant" because it was and I was all envious that I've never taken such a great shot and stuff. I then went on to attempt to define how our work differs--hers and mine--because we overlap on some aspects but have begun to do things differently. I guess I was typing aloud because what would the purpose be to define anything, right?

She does this thing where her captions act "to beautifully sum things up with such lyricism and dignity." I then proclaimed my cynicism toward my own work. What makes her work special is that in two sentences (give or take) she can do something I have a horrible time doing -- either from lack of ability or stubbornness. She can build a context so rich and so succinct that it brings the audience into her experience. After a while you're riding along in her head to a degree. You see the bumps and the dips with her. I simply dump all of my work on the side of the road like illegally-dumped demolition asbestos; something for others to deal with.

Her reply:
O but there are many differences. You experiment. You play. You can pose things or shoot on the fly. You have a much, much wider range and much, much greater technical interest and ability. Your voice is broader and more active. You are not resistant to trying anything. And you shoot non-stop. Everything is materials for you, whereas mine is limited.

All that leads to such thoroughness, variety, exploration, detail. Sometimes I feel like I'm humming a tune and you're playing every instrument in a symphony. Your entire body of work just knocks me out.
Wasn't that the nicest thing? I'm not really any sort of praise hound/whore, but isn't that the nicest thing ever? I'll enjoy that for a minute.... Makes it sound like I'm not some illiterate jackass with a camera. What's best is that it comes from someone whose work is, let me see, how did I put it, "fucking beautiful." I respect her work.

With regard to her web postings, her images are great. But then there's this frosting of caption that personalizes, humanizes, and contextualizes her work. Caption envy? I've generally refused to provide direction for some reason. Oh!

If it were somehow possible for her to work with her goddamn brilliant musician husband to collaborate on something (mix of visual, design, music, and word).... That would be something else.

Anyway, this meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society - Local Chapter 24, is adjourned. Don't mind me. I'm a fraud, remember?