Bragging Rights

From Rickey Powell's Otterfarm camp, Bragging Rights:

If you were suddenly freed of any pretense of modesty or any aversion to showing off, what would you brag about?

Answers from multiple respondents:
-Being told I was the best person that folks had ever had in my job -- and I know every person who has had this job.

-I would say my biggest accomplishment is starting my own successful graphic design and stationery business without having a formal design degree.

-I passed the California Bar Exam on the first try, and I'm not even smart.

-[Photo of second-born child.]

-Best Paper 2007. $200 and bragging rights.

-I am quite proud of my monthly column that I write for an advertising magazine.

-I am a phenomenal mother.

-My dogs no longer eat deer poop. That is all.

-My work was featured in a documentary, displayed in a museum, and studied for someone's master's thesis.

-Well I'd have to say, of course, that playing with the great Peter Grant would be tops. Before that it was playing with G. Love when we were in college.

-I have the best husband on the planet and I manage to keep him mildly amused. And I have really good aim. The two are not related.

-I got hit in the face with an elbow and my nose bled furiously. Though I was slightly stunned and bleeding I fought through it and won. Quite a confidence builder.

-Ripped a foosball shot past some guy.

-I think you should know that I am one of the best punch-buggy players on the East Coast, and I might even go as far to say nation-wide. People only beat me if I am sleeping. I can even win sitting in the back seat, which is visually more difficult, because you have head rest obstacles and are more visually restricted than those sitting in the front seat. I play competitively and the game is always on. Bring it!! I also am phenomenal at "name that tune". Whether it's whistling or humming, no matter what music genre, I can always guess what song it is.

-My baby is so friendly, alert, well-behaved, and downright beautiful. She eats, sleeps, naps and grows well, is healthy and happy. She even has cute clothes. Chances are she's just funner and better than your baby is, or even was. While it's mostly a reflection on her, I think I've trained her to maximize her potential.
But don't take the word of a doting parent. She's popular at her day care. Everyone there is smitten by her. Everyone loves to babysit her, or if are waiting their turn. Really, she's an It Baby.

-I'm fairly proud of everything I've done to simply After all my life is a work in progress that has been in progress for over [deleted] years. But would I necessarily brag about that? I'm not so sure.

-Late last year I finally took the plunge and wrote a script for a short film. It's based on one of my short stories called Inspiration, which was published in a New York lit journal about ten years ago. It's about a young girl who secretly tries to paint a portrait of the father she never knew, and who discovers something about herself in the process. Inspiration is a beautiful story about art and the ongoing search for identity and meaning in one's life. Everyone has always loved it. Now, Inspiration is a beautiful script... which will be shot in 35 mm film in September. I have partnered with some incredibly talented and driven film students at Emerson College. We've selected a vivacious young director, a gifted cinematographer, and one of Emerson's best film editors. Students from Berklee School of Music will score the film. We've developed a killer production packet that's now being sent out to grantmakers, alumni, rich folk and anyone else to raise funds to produce what will be a gorgeous 23-minute piece that will rock the festival circuit in early 2009... and will propel all of us to the next level of our creative careers. I've also worked with my young executive producer, a tireless and brilliant freshman who will be the next Louis B. Mayer, on developing his concept for IS Films, a nonprofit entity that will raise funds for Inspiration and which will continue to provide financial support for future student media projects in the years to come. A student-driven fiscal sponsor... what a great idea! I've also helped develop the website to spread the word far and wide about Inspiration and IS Films. Working with this crackerjack team has filled my heart, inspired me to begin pitching my feature-length scripts again, and reminded me why I write for film. It's been many years since I stood on a podium and accepted an award for my filmmaking; Inspiration will undoubtedly put another statuette in my hands!

Plus one: I'm a bad motherfucker!