Note from the Professor

"I just glanced the posts from the Chronicle of Higher Ed. I will read and drop my 2 cents later. But just a hint of rants to come....the concept of "customer-service" in higher education is just plain scary and will prove disastrous to our future. Sure, there will always be the genius who discovers the answers to today's most perplexing problems or writes amazing prose, but higher education is for the masses these days--thus, mopes are going to school.

To this end, students are not customers. Higher education is not Target or McDonald's or Starbucks. Professors are not service providers. Professors are there to provoke thought and to provide students with the ability to think and to learn. Education shouldn't be a product that is packaged and used to get a job. Unless you get a degree in nursing or accounting, most of what you learn--that is facts and such--in college is irrelevant in the workplace...unless of course, if you learn how to "leverage the low hanging fruit so that you don't get thrown under the bus by multi-tasking cubicle-mates."

- SoCal Professor