[What's In The Hat? - v03.b-12.13.08]

Working Title:
Priceless Banter 2009's The Grand Escape Thingy
In The Hat to Date:
  • Florida (Ft. Lauderdale to Key West)
  • The Dakotas
  • The American Midwest (KC + go/circle or one-way)
  • Northeastern Cabin

Production Notes to Date (continued):
Lily says: "A central Texas tow driver once said, 'Texas...go on vacation, leave on probation.'"

So that it's clear: I have no objection to BDW joining in the journey for all or part.
1) The man knows how to hold a camera.
2) His character and energy is a nice complement to mine and to yours.
3) He was there for the last Grand Escape.
4) It will also be the 18 month anniversary of Priceless Banter.
Roger that, Monkeyboy.

If you want in, we want you in.



See this: [clicky]

Ahhh... NOW you're producing!

I'm listening to Wiretap on npr now - have you heard it? Kind of priceless banter/tbs like.

NPR? What is it with you? First clocks, now NPR...

Knew you'd have a snife comment about npr.

Should, he talks to a friends on the phone, all idiots.


If BDW is in as fellow journeyman rather than gracious host, then Florida should probably come out of the hat. You can't find America that close to home.
To Be Continued -- Input Welcomed

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