Betsy's Dream 2

So I have a friend whom will call "Betsy" and she had this dream like last week and she wrote us about it, Rich and I [clicky]. I ended up posting that text right here on the interwebs because it's not something I want to forget (conceptual continuity). It's part of what we're doing here, alright?

But this morning she sent a note that she did it again (oops, like Brittney). She knows my protocol by now (or should) and she didn't tell me not to post it. So...

Here it is:
Another One
Good morning gentlemen,

So I had another dream featuring the two of you last night that I feel compelled to turn over. Ty, I opened the [holiday] card before bed last night, and loved it. My favorite so far.

Last night I had a dream Ty that you and B came for a surprise visit. I heard all this noise downstairs, it woke me up, I think it was 5:14am or something. And I went downstairs and you and B had let yourselves in and for some reason were doing this thing where you were laying in front of and blocking all the doorways but being very straight-faced about it and pretending you weren't. And it was such a surprise to have you here and I was trying to keep you both quiet but you knew I was doing that and so you just started talking louder and louder so I gave up and you woke Ben and Dolly and hubby Jack up and thought that was very funny and fortunately they were good-humored about it. So I was getting B and Ben and Dolly juice and whatnot and they went upstairs to play and you pulled out a laptop and showed me and hubby Jack a film you'd made of you, Rich and Christine leaping down these enormous snow dunes with bright orange basketballs that you'd just won a huge serious arty award for. And I was impressed and then I saw you had set up a koi pond in my living room, you'd gotten it at home depot or something all black plastic and bubbling filled with huge koi. And you were very pleased with yourself and stayed the morning and before you left someone sent me a huge delivery of tropical plants off of a big truck, I suspected Rich did that, and you helped bring them inside, and then we all had pizza and you and B left to drive back to MD and I packed you and she a huge lunch with a million snacks for the drive.

love to you both.

Brilliant yet unsurprising. That's how we roll. Magic cats like W Bush. And B loves juice and a million snacks. Betsy's dream is vivid, fascinating, and complete. It's great to know that you exist in other people's brains. Think about that a moment. Take your time.

Anyway, last time I posted on the interwebs about Betsy's dreams I referenced a panel in Chris Onstad's strip Achewood. Well, for continuity sake, I have another Onstad reference for a Betsy's dream post. You see, I dreamed about him last night.

I've been critical of Onstad for evolving from his four strips a week schedule to mini superstar. Not to diss but it leaves me nostalgic for content. I get it. I'm proud. And I would do it too. But I feel compelled to see through his knot and warn him that his base is weakening. Whatever. Thus, the dream in brief:
In my dream I decided to visit Onstad at his mini-mega-church in Maine. I scheduled an appointment with his appointment secretary. I made the journey by train and remember after a quick tour of the facility sitting with him near a pleasant creek and a railroad track. Chris had a smudge on one lens of his glasses, a giant head, and one discolored incisor.

I told him about how much I respect his work he admitted relief because he had feared that I was visiting him to reprimand and he was feeling defensive. I declared that, on the contrary, I was there to support and to remind rather than advise or opine. His work was special and important.

We didn't talk about it further. We watched his kids play by the tracks. I said, "I love the air here." And he said, "Exactly."

It's now, just now, starting to get interesting. We've paid our dues for over a decade and now it's starting to come together.

Note: Keep in mind that the strips Onstad is posting are top-notch and first-class like this one: [clicky]


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