First & Last

This is file DSC_0001.jpg, the first shot with my new rig. Unretouched and just shrunken like a cannibal head for the interwebs. I get sentimental like that about my equipment when really I shouldn't [clicky] [clicky]. But this is the first shot with the Nikon D90 I received from very nice people for Christmas. Thanks, everybody (and I was wrong about the batteries)! There you have it.

It's also the last shot of the B for these Web logs. It's just not a thing for her anymore although she'll probably (still) be my #1 partner in Web crime [clicky]. She can do her own thing if she wants to be on the interwebs. This also the last posting of 2008. There will be stories though.

Unsurprisingly I get sentimental about my child but it is surprising how sentimental I get about the silly change of a year and retarded blogs. Just another day, right? But here we are or whatever.

To focus in I must pull back. Sentiment be damned.
Time to move forward
Without new manifestos
Shut up make your arts

Historical manifestos [clicky 1] [clicky 2]
Goodbye 2008. I love you and all but you're a huge loser now. I'm over you. See ya' and fuck off too.

Hello 2009 and different shit including So American, probably some audio, probably some poetry, and other mayhem. We'll see what happens, right? No promises. No guarantees.

Let's ride this horse until it drops, Pony Express style!