Ask Ty...December 18

It must be Tuesday Thursday, Middlespacers, because I'm answering your questions

Q: Ty,
What's your problem this week? Where's "Ask Ty?" Where are stories? Where's new work?

Slacking off maybe?

- biLL E Tee

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Billy-T. Wowie. Where to start?

This Week's Chinese Arithmetic by Walt Garrison 1971

This week has been somewhat busily-difficult for me. Definitely not a bad week by any stretch. In fact, it has been a very good week. I'm usually a miserable son of a bitch during "The Holidays®" ["The Holidays" is registered trademark of Halliburton Corporation as licensed to Target Stores], but, 'eh? It's all cool this year. I'm chill (which means I will probably drop dead any second now--bye).

And while I have been able to get a little surgical writing and middlespace photo bombing done (for me--just to maintain some touch--selfish, huh?), I haven't really pushed anything in any sort of new or concerted direction that holds my long-term interest. Which is cool, really. I'm finally okay with controlling the Panic and Fear that comes with creativity and the lack thereof.

Billy-T, it's a busy time with wrapping gifts, the shipping and receiving of gifts, attending holiday parties, and weighing options of which lobbying interest I'll allow to wine and dine me for the inauguration of Barry Oh!® in January.

But I hear you. Feels like I've been slacking, huh? So just for you, Billy-T....

A Very Special Update:
The problem with music this week: I haven't recorded anything because I'm torn between competing directions (and I don't have "that volcano thing" I'm trying to borrow from Rich to help me decide on the indoor-macro/micro atmospheric or the field-trip atmospheric). I'll know soon enough and will fill you in.

The problem with photos this week: I haven't taken any new photos because may cameras are boycotting me for some Frenchy reason. Little ungrateful bastards. I should take them all to the fire station in a little basket and run like hell. That'll teach them. Just equipment, an excuse. Something will present and I'll know soon enough and will fill you in.

The problem with video this week: I did finally upload to my laptop hard disk some video (20 mins. of backlog stuff from like two years ago) that I need to edit just to get it over with since I hate video. But the subject is kind of boring to me and the quality of the audio is bugging me right now and I'm not sure what story I want to tell in edit, excuses. But, I'll get it done. I'll know soon enough and will fill you in.

The problem with clients this week: Clients are waiting for prints and edits and....

I've also been trying to give back to the community. From tipping my boy LCD to reading B's secret Web Log with attention and focus and feedback ("Listen up, Nancy. I'm adorable the way chopped up puppy on ice cream is adorable. I am a raging motherfucker who is going to go ballistic on your stupid ass and put you in a cage of pain in about 5 fucking seconds."). From putting feelers out for #88's status to backing the H-BH-JCA with all my heart and soul. And offering my heartfelt support to the grieving and the despondent.

It's the holidays people! "It's a time to share; a time to care; a time to don, your facial hair [clicky]."

And there're pleasant and discoveries too, like EdenE and m@sharkey's photostreams. I spent like a whole day on Google Earth looking in North Korea for Camp #14. Plus, I've been following this Tijuana stuff with mad vigor and aplomb.

And then there's the prefamous™ American Discoveries G-Escape Tour® 2009 to mold, whittle, and sand to the smoothest of finishes [clicky].

So, yeah, I'm right here. Just busy as a motherfucker, motherfucker1 What the fuck else you want from me, Billy-T? A pint of my O+ in a ZipLoc?

Just a guess,