From Middlespace West (Day 5)

Here we go-Day 5

1) Broke a string, like a chicken wing. No work today, amigro.

2) I'm jizzing my pants over Hydroponic Chronic. I ordered a 16x20 print off of Ofoto. Do you have a higher resolution version?

3) I can't remember what else.


1) Just like the Jesus said (not the Jesus but "hey-zeus" at the auto repair shop), "Day 5 is for resting, ese."

2) Yes I do have a higher resolution version. Just so you all know, I only post pictures on the WWW that will print shitty, on purpose. One shouldn't try to print images from my Web sites. 16 x 20? No way, ain't going to happen. They're shrunken like cannibal heads and compressed to one hair of their lives.

Let me know and I'll make you up a high-res file or, since I'm full of the homo love for you, I'll even print one for you if you want. Seriously. Image setup for World Wide Web site postings and for image setup for printing (good printing) are two very different things. Besides, I'm an American Businessman Patriot. I ain't putting all that shit up there for free for everybody to make big ass posters.

I'm on the road today. Remind me tomorrow (and that's not a brush off, you know me I'll forget I ever offered, so I'll need an actual reminder) and I'll set up a file for you to have printed.

3) I can't remember what else either.


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