Judge Judy Stops the Presses

Here's that photo where Big Dave Wave met that dude...what's his name?...real loser dude who thought he could be a president like Brock O'Baughmaugh...oh yes, Fred Thompson.

The Middlespace Holiday Special 2008 presents

Big Dave Wave (on the right) meets Fred Thompson (on the left). I framed it for the Christmas mantle:

I don't want to wreck Big Dave Dave's gig so I'm not going to type my first thoughts on the subject although I did send those thoughts to Big Dave Wave via electrical mails (it contained a D-word and a B-word).

But you can caption it all you want in the comments.

Oh #1: I also asked about the clocks [clicky].
Oh #2:Big Dave Wave knows Barry Oh!® too [clicky].