I took this photo on Sunday, December 14, 2008 [go ahead, click it for better resolution--new rule, OK?]. I even posted one of the images from this series within another series called "Handoff." Okay, maybe you thought it was one of my things but this one wasn't one of my things. Still, I was surprised by the silence. No questions about this scene arose:
A young man and a young woman are touring the National Mall with someone in a snowman costume...in a cage...on wheels...pulled by a leash. No still or video recording equipment.
So, uh, I know why I didn't question what the hell was going on. I knew there was a thing happening (not my thing though). But this is the National Mall which is generally so teeming with heat/fuzz/po-po you can't sneeze without six dudes putting hands to holster. But NObody else seemed to question this thing either. Not cops, not tourists, not locals.

Am I missing something? Somebody please explain.