On Bush (from the Emails) --UPDATE--

From old liberal friend, Steve:
"So Bush gets the ultimate insult in Iraq. A halfway normal person would have been contrite, allowed the moment to pass, and moved on. A person with some decency would have called to the security guards, beating the shit out of the journalist, and asked them to release him. A person who pretends to espouse "democracy" and "human rights" would have accepted the rebuke and spoken out against any harm to the protestor. Only a person of marginal intelligence, lacking even a modicum of insight, would have smirked and made a joke. Bush, always a douche bag:
Bush, who was uninjured and tried to brush off the incident by making a joke. “All I can report is it is a size 10,” he said, continuing to take questions and noting the apologies. He also called the incident a sign of democracy, saying, “That’s what people do in a free society, draw attention to themselves,” as the man’s screaming could be heard outside. (NYT)"
Dear Steve,

Take a breath, my friend. Close your eyes. Innnnnn -- Ouuuuuut. Now open 'em. It's over. Barack won. Breathe.... Go ahead, drop your shoulders. Do some neck-rolls. The long national nightmare that is over. And, we survived it. I'm OK - you're OK. We're ALL OK!

Barack's at the plate. Obama's at the helm. In about a month we'll all have flowers and pie and be featured on Franklin Mint collectible coins. We're America, Steve! We came together with Hope and Change and booted (no pun) Bush out of the corner office.

So what a terrorist threw some shoes. Communist bastard is dead now, no worries. See? It's Okaaaaay.

Innnnnn -- Ouuuuuut.

Now, let's focus on post-president W Bush. Go back to the video. I linked it up there and here: [clicky]. Go ahead. Watch it.

Innnnnn -- Ouuuuuut.

What did you see? Funny, huh? How bad ass is W? See how fucking quick he is. Watch it again. Like a goddamn cat! Watch it again. See that look on his face. He's alive again! And you know what? Bush may have been a horrible president (not his forte) and dumb and a douche bag but he's no pussy. A lesser president would have stayed behind that lectern until the "boys" carried him out of Iraq and back to America. A lesser president would have ran for cover or cowered in some fashion. Not Bush. Watch it again. See that look. He's a tough guy. It's situations like this that reveal a person's true nature. Sparky! Sparky Bush. That looks says, "You missed, beeoch. I fucking double-dog dare you to do that shit again. You can't (and not because you're in a Vulcan deathlock) because I'm just that a magic cat. And I ain't going nowhere, Commie.

Say what you want, liberal. Dude never flinched.

“All I can report is it is a size 10." Genius.

It's OK to relax now.

Innnnnn -- Ouuuuuut.

Contrite? Silly liberals. We're Americans, dammit. A shoe? That's your best shit? Americans are bad ass, commie. And we're fast! Like magic cats.

Rich says:
"This is why I voted for BHO": [clicky]