A Surprising Response -- "The Prophets of Anti-Culture"

Hi Ty Hardaway.

Ohhhhhhhhhh. You got in my head.
"Off to the girly bars
For the girliest of cocktails
And friendship(s) continued"

[from "Busted Karma" July 14, 2006]

This, in particular. I have been chewing my cud on it.


I am thinking. I got the more easily accessible point, and I read your words today about it.

But there's something more in there. To me. Its itching me.



It is good to learn that you have affected someone with what you do: art, auto mechanicry, tennis lesson, intervention. It is the surprising responses like above that, as they say, "keeps you going." Actually "they" always say shit like that, but anyone who knows a thing or does a thing fully understands that that keeps you going line is actually complete self-justifying nonsense that only serves to allow you to yet again drag your terrible wares to the craft show for no one to purchase [intentionally stolen paradigm]. You do your thing because you know nothing else to do and you do a thing because you cannot control doing a thing. A thing does you, really.

But with "B" I know the response is not some weirdly ingratiating bullshit. There is not motive or chess playing. I don't have to wonder what the response really means or how that response may stalk me dead by surprise. At the very least I know with "B" that it's only about a thing because "B" has a thing too but it's not available to everyone yet. Great stuff too. I hope to edit the first book of "B". Or, at least, post the work of "B" under pseudonym. It's the thing, stupid.

Looking back, The Rhinosnort Highway was some heyday of train-wreck perfection for sure [clicky]. Back when "Ty Hardaway, the Great Emerging Artist" was doing a thing that was heavy and it came together without apparent effort although there was plenty of pain and suffering and fear. Pictures and words still resonating...mostly DC-Boston-DC stuff, an era past. Good stuff, serious stuff, important stuff unlike the hodgepodge of shotgun blast "art" I'm producing today. I'm not bitter or sad or angry though because I know a thing just comes and a thing just goes without any sort of internal locus of control. I know now.

My response via electronical mail to "B" since I have nothing new of real value to offer--at all-- was this find: [clicky]. Maybe I will use the beginning of 2009 as another jump-off to good works. We'll see. I don't control it. It's like The Outer Limits and the transmissions are being remotely controlled.

I mean, who knows when a thing has you, right?

10:59 PM