From Middlespace West (Day 6)

Here we go-Day 6

"Sometimes I'll listen to Cosa Angeles or The Floods of Lexington Pacheco [clicky] and hear something, perhaps an entire track on a song, and not remember recording it or thinking of it or making the decision to include it.

That makes sense. I did those things years ago.

I'm listening to things I recorded 3 days ago and there are tracks on songs I don't remember recording."


Welcome to my life, ese. If it weren't for The Interweb Blogs, I'd have no idea I did what yesterday. The Blogs are basically my very own screenplay journals. And people, some people, happen to read that nonsense for better or worse (which is just weird). Anyway....

The Flow is an amazing thing, my dear friend. And it does sometime leave one in blackout from the processes and minutiae. Been there. We talk about revisiting things after The Long Wake and finding wonderment but sometimes that wake can be mere days or hours. I hear you.

I was just telling my spouse yesterday, "Shit, I can't even remember the title of my last album or even the order of my last five." If I were under gunpoint or Cheney torture, I could not tell you the track listings from my own [here I actually had to open a Firefox tab and check the web] The Modicum of Decorum or even Free Milk Seminar.

But, yeah, that's The Flow, son. Ride that shit out!


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