Holiday Card Press

"Your card totally cracked us up. We have a little card tree where we put all our holiday cards and YOURS IS ON THE TOP… the shining star to our card tree."

- San Diego, CA

"I have your card intentionally placed in the middle of a sea of kodakgallery photo cards of a whole lot of smiley kids under xmas trees, in radio flyer wagons, and with family labs. And I wish I had it filmed for you the process certain people go through when they come in the dining room and start absentmindedly looking over the display. Like hidden camera/close up on their faces with odd someone-playing-the-saw-Appalachia-style in the background. Its been one of my favorite things about Christmas this year."

- Newburyport, MA

"That's the funniest g*dd*amn thing I've ever seen!"

- Washington, D.C.

"Not at this Address. Return to sender. Quit stalkin'!"

- Los Angeles, CA

"Your card is hilarious! Mark didn't even recognize u guys at first. :O) Most holiday cards I kiss goodbye after the season... urs might be one of the few keepers. CHEERS!!!"

- Kentlands, USA

The limited edition 2008 Middlespace Cadet Corps (MCC) holiday cards, that's TF. Last run shipped tomorrow.

By the way, and very important, photo and co-art direction by Lily V. She's badass! It's art.

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