2009 Photo Project Request #1

Dear Ty:

Would you please consider doing a photo-essay, study, project, contemplation, dialogue, epic, prolapsed, time-lapsed, visual consideration on the following phrase:

Sooo American. (or simply: That's So American.) As in "That's sooooo American."

At this point in history that could be sooooooo many things, and I feel like you have a fantastic way of peeling the onion of truth in ways most of us might not consider.


You're the beast.

PBG (AKA Philly Boy Gabe)

Now that fits The Plan. See how this works? It took Philly Gabe (the single reason I started Web logging almost seven years ago in the first place) to activate Wonder Twin powers. Gabe gets it.

Will do, Philly Boy Gabe. Will do.

The Plan: [clicky]