Sunday Worship: Handoff

Are you awake?
If not no big deal.
I would like to schedule a time to meet and pick-up "the stuff".

Fixin' to go to bed now.
What's your "proposal," Chief?

We need at lease [unit] by Thursday, 18 December 2008.
Constraints / Restraints of contact:
Sunday -- between 12pm and 3pm
Worst case scenario you drop one of the [units] in the mail to "Ohio" and I pay you back when we get together sometime to pickup the other [units].Your schedule / thoughts?

Downtown on Sunday ("national mall") during the window you show availability. We could make the handoff on there.

Hand off of "the stuff" at the mall on Sunday is perfect.
Give me a time window and link-up location etc and we'll make it happen.

Roger that. When I have a window, I'll inform.

Solid Copy.

Hand off details:
Sunday; 12.14.08; 1300 hrs. - Base of Washington Monument.



You will know me as I will be the one with the green jacket and sunglasses.

Me =
LLBean bag.
"Leisure" shoes.

Correction & Update:
As of 1100 hrs. handoff bag info to follow:
LLBean bag has been *replaced* by Lands' End bag:
Other details uncorrected.
- Skylark