It Just Showed Up On My Doorstep

So I came home from today's Back-to-School Day visit to the kiddo's class (I could tell some stories there, for reals) and I noticed something hanging from my door knob. It was a plastic grocery bag, a couple of them, wrapping something I cannot immediately identify.

Well, my first couple of thoughts revolved around my alcoholic/junky/loser neighbors whom I totally vibe and, perhaps, a stalker. Is it a fan-fiction screenplay profession of admiration or a shit-bomb? Can you even imagine being a celebrity though? The plethora of weird unsolicited shit that shows up on your goddamn doorstep all the time?

So I open the bags, and unfold a large piece of paper segments right there on the sidewalk. And, it's's a...pencil or charcoal drawing of, uh.... Well, take a look above [clicky for biggie]. It's a 5'x4' drawing. By the signature, it says, "Honduras, Centro America '95."

I know it's not Ben Tolman or Eric Lewis, the only other large-scale pencil/ink/charcoal artists I know. Tolman did my portrait and Lewis drew a reaction to One Fine Ride (find Rich & I in this drawing).

Anyways, if you left this, maybe send me some information (right, no note). And if you're a crazy ass stalker 1)It's great, and 2) I have horrendous and terminal body and breath odor. If you're a rich patron, I have some project ideas I want to discuss with you...via email.