This One's for You (yes you: one-on-one style)

So my neighbor Mark stopped by this morning because he wasn't "into going to work quite yet" (it was like 10:00). I'm empathetic like that so I stopped doing my extraordinarily precious work so I could spend some time with him. He's my neighbor. A great guy. One of my dad homies. He told me that he's been studying my blog and is not only finding it "quite enjoyable" but he questions why I'm living here in the D.C. Suburbs. His contention is that I could/should be living somewhere more vibrant, more stimulating, and where my talents could be greater appreciated. LA. NY. SF.

Meh. I really don't like talking about my work and prefer to believe that nobody ever interacts with my interactive media of the World Wide. We went to have some coffee (even though I was drinking coffee when he came and am now riding a caffeine wave). I ain't got not no time for crazy-blog-talk so I started the distraction routine; like harshing on a guy I suspected as being a flasher, discussing the merits of grinding one's own coffee beans, etc. The usual.

I'm happy living the New Urbanist lifestyle. But neighbor Mark still seemed puzzled. I said, "Well, Mark. I get to be the freak here" hoping that would at least end the convo. But Mark says, "you're big enough freak for real freak places." LA. NY. SF. I took that as a compliment but still wanted to avoid the topic.

He went back to discussing my work while I tried to avoid that...I was pointing out people's shoes and talking about Gavin's videos. Anything but my work. He said that there was "so much going on" with my work and that "it seemed very insider." He hinted around it being "too insider" but didn't quite say it. But that's what he said: Insider. I noted that.

I'm hearing that quite a bit lately. Philzy said the same thing: Insider. I guess I do run themes based upon interactions I have with friends and fans. And I can see where it gets a little one-on-one sometimes. But that's the beauty of my interactive media of the World Wide. And while one has to be careful them Gardwitz you can never eat too much candy before a show. Amirite?

So now I have to revisit my whole approach to my interactive media of the World Wide. Do I go more broad and topical like the big Web loggers? Do I open a big, welcoming tent like the Republicans? Should I cast my proverbial net for more fish or be happy with what I'm perfectly comfortable doing and have done forever-fish ("think of the Kingdom of Leisure meets However")? It's a tough choice. It's...it's...it's a fork in the road. I'm not very good at broad and topical big tent. My brain is too active for that (both in good and bad ways).

So, you (yes you--I'm writing this directly to you: one-on-one style) can weigh in if you want because I weighing how to proceed.

P.S. Yes I'm working on the Ask Ty... you sent. Don't worry.