Let's Do This Together -OR- I Need Your Help

There's something bothering me. And that thing is an unfinished project. Sure there are projects that must be abandoned. I'm not that rigid, some projects deserve premature burning. But some should be reconsidered.

Look here and come right back:
Zero to A Hundred

I started a project with some people called Zero to A Hundred (02100 for short). People, unfortunately, got distracted and disinterested. Hell, even I forgot about it for months. But I want to complete this project. And today is as good a day as any to re-fire that hookah. THIS IS AN OPEN INVITATION.

The gist of 02100 is I wanted to put together a collection photographs of people--contextual portraits--aged 0-100 on one Web log page. My crack team got off to a terrific start then people got distracted and disinterested; it got too hard for some. I think we have around 40 slots filled. That leaves "only" 60 to go. Let's not let the 40 die...I say, let's do this thing! Really. Let's do this! Somebody commit to the art, goddammit! I'm getting tired of doing everything myself. Let's be our own art history.

Here's what YOU NEED TO DO. Go to the site and fill some slots:
1) Join as a 02100 principal: I'll give you the keys to the site so you can post your own images. Principals get tons of accolades.

2) Submit as 02100 project guest: I'll take whatever you have (new photos are best, at least ones that represent current subject age). Send me an email and I'll post it for you.

It's so easy. Too easy. It's embarrassingly easy. I couldn't make it any easier for you unless I did it all by myself. Submit to: ty[at]middlespace[dot]net or for those who know, my other emailings address.

Let's do this this thing together!