Candidate Forum for Mayor and Two Council Seats

Ha! I know all but one person in this photo (above) from last night's city election candidate forum. These are my people! There's Bret (above) asking a very hypothetical question that none of the five candidates even attempted to answer (the "if you had a hundred dollars" question). Pam's there. Russell & Lyn. Marty. There's Bill. I talked to with the mayor, his lovely wife (yes, I'm voting for his re-election -- he rules). All the candidates shook my swine flu-y, TGA hand. The HOA president had a long chat with me. She loves my photos. She thinks I'm an architect with two children. What?! No, I didn't correct her. People need to dream, don! How'ya doin'?

I know you were expecting my friends to be diverse, young, hip, and ironic (like all of you). Me too! Well these ain't my friends, ladies and gentlemen, these are my neighbors. This is a community! If you were my neighbors I'd be looking for a place to move to because I've seen how some of you live. OK, Bret & Pam are my friends. I love these people.

Two things about My Town:
Thing Number One: My city has zero debt. None. No bonds. Surplus.

Thing Number Two: Property tax rate hasn't changed in over 40 years. Basically the same in my lifetime.
What you got? That's what I thought.

I started shooting pics but the newspaper photogs showed up and I got all shy and stopped (I'm a huge wuss). But I did catch this (below): local businessman lobbying a city council member about...wait for it...sister cities! It's 2010, people! I love these people!