Ask Ty...October 16 [The Physical Response Question]

It must be Tuesday Friday, Middlespacers, because I'm answering your questions
Q: Dear Ty,
So what is that elusive physical response that one gets when one is doing the one thing one loves to do and then connects.... Whether or not it makes $$ or is valued by the majority of surrounding beings?.... That other CREATIVE people get when they see it? What is it about creativity expressed well that brings us to tears? Or laughter? Or consternation? Or bewilderment? Or ACTion?

Just asking,


Ty: Good question and an even better observation, KHE. Art should invoke. Something. At least that how I feel. It could be subtle or brutal but there should be an elusive visceral reaction: a tingling at the nape of the neck, a slight rise in heart rate, pupil dilation or, perhaps vasocongestion. I believe art should challenge assumptions and conventions but never over-explain. Spoon-fed art has never done anything for me.

But, what is THE elusive physical response? Dunno. We talk a great deal about "blowing minds" in the arts. But that--other than an occasional TGA--isn't a practical goal (too messy and not enough Socialist health care...yet). The proverbial breaking of the heart? Not really a reaction I seek. See, these are emotional responses and emotions and the visceral overlap, we needn't separate.

I think THE elusive physical response for me--to my work--would be for those who interact (the key word) with my work to have a flooding of blood to as much of the the brain as possible (without triggering a TGA). Most of all, art--my art--should make you think. Think, question, wonder, and attempt to piece together the jigsaw pieces. What is real, what is myth, where does non-fiction meet fiction? Who knows? It is for you to interpret, individually.

Follow the breadcrumbs for someday they may lead you somewhere. The only call to ACTion, KHE, should be for you all to explore your middlespaces too; whatever that may be. No money, no fame. Just process.
"Some people prefer cupcakes better but I, for one, care less for them."

- FZ, The Muffin Man
Just a guess,