It's a Very Different World Again

"Between all this Presidential blow-job cover-up nonsense and the bombing of terrorists (us & them, here and abroad), our world is again a very different place. Privacy doesn't exist. Peace does not exist. We've fooled ourselves to believe that they both exist. Our culture stagnates while cigar bars flourish. How did we become so deluded? Well, times have been good. Money is in the bank. Porsche sales are at an all time high.

Well, believe me, there are more desperate poor in America today than at any other time. There are more people in prison in America than at any other time. The good old USofA has more internal and external enemies than at any other time. But times are good, remember?

This is a country for the young and the rich. If you are not either, you are nothing. If you are both, you're fat and happy (Americans are the fattest beasts on the planet). Why are we so consumed with Presidential fellatio? Why does the TV news compete to dictate what is important? We've forgotten what's important...because times have been so good. Individuals have grown selfish and narrow. The American economy is strong and the rich and the young are in control. Have you watched network television or listened to commercial radio lately? We live in happy-talk times, folks. We're dim to the ills of our own old and poor and we are completely blind to the relevant issues of the world. We're over-sensationalized ourselves into a coma.

History predicts change.

For those who keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground, it's in the air. Things change. Someone has to take advantage."

Autumn is tKoL

"Smell that? That's the cool, clear, clean continental arctic air coming down out of Canada. Unlike its moist, hazy tropical brother, the Autumn air means serious business. Time to prepare. Time to survive. The autumn air means tKoL.

The autumn is about creating. Our best work occurs in the fall, both conceptually and output. The senses are clearer and the world is calmer. The contrasts are high and greatly appreciated. We steamroll out of summer. Autumn is tKoL."