Musings on RIP Ty :(

How ya' doing? It's me, Ty (talking to you in the future), in the real life digital flesh. Hi.

Contrary to rumor and speculation I am alive and well. Not sick...normal heartbeat and respiration. Awareness of surroundings and actively processing short and long-term memory. And definitely not dead. Right now I am eating oatmeal (just finishing) and drinking coffee (only just begun) and sitting by the bay window and watching the neighbors walk their dogs, jog, walk babies, and head off for work. The radio is on.

As you know, I've always had a healthy relationship with the concept of morality mortality. I am not religious so I feel no investment in any sort of "heaven." While I am not afraid of death, I am terrified to die. I believe that our morality mortality is all there is. No wings, no halos, no pitchforks, and no brimstone. Like the now deceased Michael Jackson said, "This is the moment; this is it!"

So in my continued musings on morality mortality, I started a project in August on a whim: the the RIP Ty :( Project. I suppose the impetus for this project was the realization that people have a lot of things to say about a person after they die that they never say to that person when they are living. Positive and negative. And no, it wasn't my intention to get people to say nice or complimentary things (like, what, I'd believe that?). But I've notices that people say things that could have been informative in life and becomes just a complete waste of breath post-living. Does that make any sense?

So I made this post. Then I asked people to check it out. I then gave people and myself some time to complete. I opened the project just this past Saturday.

At first I was all, what? The first serious project I ever created in my life and only 18 participants. I hate it when I get hung up on the numbers. I do realize that the exercise is theoretical and nebulous; something very few people would attempt to grasp let alone participate. I understand. But I finally read the comments: [here]

Interesting. And highly informative. Truly. Was it what I expected? Gee, I don't actually know what I expected. I guess I was subconsciously thinking numbers. Anyway, yeah, there were a couple of har-har funny comments but for the most part, I believe I've learned something.

So, I'm not going to stay hung up on numbers but will move forward with what I've learned. And what did I learn? Well I already knew I was a jerk and ADD and barely possessing artistic talents but what I actually learned is the following: If one dedicates oneself to doing a thing they really believe in, they can actually have meaningful impacts on some people.

So, people, let's go do our things! Thank you, people, for teaching.