The Neighbors I Actually Like

See it must be because of the economy or weird psychology or something but lately people around here have been taking in tenants. Renters to live in extra rooms and basements and such.

What sucks about tenants in a quiet, established neighborhood is they don't respect the community, they don't even understand the community. They don't notice the nuances because they weren't here to create the nuances nor are they planning to be here to develop new nuances. They come and they go. The talk to loud. They smoke in all the wrong places. The attract attention for all the wrong reasons. Most seem to be loser drunks and the pathetically displaced who purport to be "between situations" or something. Adults, not 20-somethings. People who should have their shit together. With dogs that should know better. People who we tell our kids not to talk to. People who fuck up my property values. Worst of all, they make their hosts (landlords) look very, very bad.

But, there are still some real jewels like the neighbors I actually like; the people whom I can talk to about the tenants and who agree that we must take up pitchfork and torch and run the tenants into the hills.