It's October Again - Five Birthdays & a Sweet Surprise

Yeah, I know it's not until Saturday (Phil's birthday, that is) but I was thinking about it today.
Anyhow, five birthdays:
Oh--here's the sweet surprise--and I got this in the emailings this morning from "A.C."
"Good Stuff: hey, i checked out your blog for the first time in years, and really enjoyed your pics. there's a pic of a mushroom in particular that is really nice because you can see the ridges underneath the shroom top. really cool.

[my daughter]'s birth was a good reason for me to rekindle my interest in photography, and i recently upgraded my camera and lenses. now i'm constantly looking around for things to photograph!...your pics are inspirational in that regard because you take the ordinary and somehow push the viewer to appreciate it more than before. that's a gift."
This is why we do it, don! Everybody do some art, dammit!