My Town

So there's been some "discussion" and debate vis-à-vis my sanitized, new urbanist, fake ass, neotraditional, utopia of a neighborhood community and lifestyle. They're saying I'm not "authentic" or "down with the people" and such. [See how I dropped in the academic nomenclature behind your back; like science!]

Just for you, then, I tagged a bunch of posts with the words "My Town" for your birthday weekend enjoyment. I give back to the people large and small and in large and small ways! And, no, by "tagged" I didn't mean I was out spray painting shit, quit being so racist.

Check it (three pages/two jumps). This is what I stand for and what I wouldn't trade with 99% of people. In and around the 'hood:

I'll try to be OFFLINE for most of the weekend so thanks in advance for wishes, etc. Enjoy yo seff! When next we talk, I'll be 44 years-old. I still stand by my cred, yo.