I Am Trying To Write This Down

I am trying to write this down
About how energies foul
When brain chemicals gray
Psyche riding roller coasters

Struggles with penning on
How fed up I am with
The drunken the clueless
The classless the played
And the deliberately uncommitted
I am trying to write topics like
Governance but idiot-class
Traitors and louts force
Claustrophobia upon The Americans

It is difficult to write on
Desires for recognition when
Disdain for fame dissimulates
Staying in my own way
Clearly despite and on purpose
I cannot put words down
On paper or pixel or key
The blankness ensues
Creation abandons me

Finding difficulty in execution
When so many thoughts
Jostle for daylight face-time
A nightmare of struggle
Nothing comes out
Shutting the blinds and
Closing the eyes
Pulling the plugs
Shooing vampires again

When push comes to force
And the next step depends
We milk one letter forward
A journey never ends