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Subject: Dude, forgot to tell you about my dream last night:

So I go visit my best friend from high school who lives right around the corner from where I used to live in DC. She is no longer a mom or married like she is in real life, but instead has quit office work and gone into whoring and is living with this hippie dude. They call themselves vegan, but live in a building with this restaurant that serves all kinds of weird animals that they skin in-house and pretty much serve raw - like mice and other rodents - just weird shit. It's like this weird cult-like group of outdoorsy people who seem like they'd be vegan and only eat organic, etc. and are living “off the grid.”

Anyway, my friend goes to “work” and left me with some weird “meal” and then one of her “tricks” shows up at the house - I can't remember if I was expected to sleep with him/her or what. Later, I ask her if she misses her old job and she says no cause she's making so much money now - guess she's a high-priced rodent-vegan cult hippie hooker or something. WEIRD.