Early Record Reviews

- Brennan and I like playing "Monkey in the Middle."

- I'm trying to imagine what someone with totally fresh ears would think. The confusion: is this some kind of "show," or an album with a lot of strange shit between songs, shit that seems to be all related somehow, but how? And then there are the songs, like Money Lover, so good. And that instrumental part afterwards, that takes high brain bandwidth. The "I eat dog poop" part, not so high. But funny. And adding to the confusion is that the "strange shit between songs" are also songs. I wish I could listen through someone else's brain.

- So that's what middle-aged, suburban dads do. Sign me up!

- Cornholetext: Too bad people won't fully appreciate the noncontextual context.

- It's really good - but I think it's got to be the first of a trilogy. I want more.

- I can't imagine not understanding this. I was trying to imagine what it would be like to be nearly anyone else on earth and not getting PBtKoLS. And I couldn't. I couldn't imagine not getting it.

- Fucking Geeen-EE-us. Another deconstruction:reconstruction.

- Somebody else will listen to this. What will they think? I've reached the point where not only do I not care, I'm not physically able to imagine it. Those synapses are shut down. I love it.

- I love the Breann section.

- There's a reason record sales are down. It's because nobody's making shit like this. This, my friends, is the future of recorded entertainment. I can imagine a number of situations where this would, uh, blow my mind. You know, like road trips or sitting around with friends. Congratulations!