Art & Music

So the B got her very first kindergarten report card today. Neat stuff. She aced every category except for art and music. That is, she got a "P" for "proficient" on like 30 dimensional categories, reads at 3rd grade proficiency and is at least average for 1st grade math. Except for art and music. P on PE too.

Yes, she got an "I" for art and music which stands for "improving." How funny, right? This is fine. In fact, it's just where she wants to be. I full well know that they just aren't getting her aesthetic (they have no idea) and won't get her aesthetic for a long, long time. She, I am confident, will surpass all of us in no time (proficiency, output, and sales).

After all, she has already appeared on at least three albums (completing a full multi-track recording on one album) and has been honing her visual arts skills for years. She's what, being compared to what, children? Ha! I love it.