If you're keeping score, here's an update:

No, we didn't ever finish that record (OSSOFG) started last summer. We moved on to other important business. But, just so you know, I'm doing that now. I mean right now. I mean editing, mixing, and finishing the record.

Why? So I can move on to the next batch of important business. It bothers the shit out of me to leave pieces floating about unfinished. What's good is one can finalize it with fresh ears, mind, and ideas. What's bad? It's unfinished product. Creativity unrealized. It's a tree taking a crap in the woods when the bears are hibernating.

I don't know if this is about being an album more than it's about being a soundtrack of sorts from the podcast; or from the era. A record. In a sense it's sort of a show in and of itself.

Musically it's at about 85% complete - complete. Just waiting on a couple of pieces and final touches. But, shit, it's about done.

Presentation-wise it's not quite ready. I guess I have to present it somehow. But I kind of want to present it as CD only. In fact, I'd really love to present it as CD or .mp3 only but as one long ass track without indexes. You know, one 52-minute piece. Rich and I actually discussed this about 11 years ago (with one option being indexes every minute). I'll give that some more thought.

I actually kind of like it though (and I don't usually say that -- well I do, but then I retract so hold for retraction).

Here's some pre-release information (one or two tracks may be added prior to release):