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I am currently looking for new subjects for new photography projects.

I) Photographic subjects needed for possible exhibits/collections in preparation:
  • The Sofa Project – subjects posed on their sofa
  • Favorite Socks Favorite Shorts – subjects in favorite comfort wear
  • A World Around Us – subjects shot in crowded public settings - odd person out
II) Photography falls within the generalized category of “naturalistic portraiture.” Most photography will be set in the subject’s personal living or working space (or setting agreed upon by artist and subject).

III) I am looking for anyone who would be willing to have his or her photograph taken. I am looking for all types of people – interesting subjects without regard to physical characteristics. In other words, real people who would be willing to let me meet up with them for a few minutes to take a couple of pictures.

IV) Payment neither offered nor implied. Some subjects may receive digital files (CD or otherwise) or print of draft work. A release is required prior to shoot.

V) This is an art project. I am not seeking a relationship with you. Subjects may have friends, relatives, or partners on set during shoot (or included in shoot).

VI) Interested?
See sample images at: [clicky or clicky]

Contact ty hardaway at: ty[at]middlespace[dot]net
VII) Spread the word.