Two Presidential Campaign Storylines - UPDATE

by Rickey and T'odd:
Storyline #1 - Clinton/McCain: Shady, equivocating, triangulating, menopausal, socialist, lying politician bitch machine vs. straight-talking, "maverick," war hero, Christian, savior, statesman
- OR -
Storyline #2 - Obama/McCain: Young, tall, articulate, dynamic, charismatic, multicultural, global future change agent vs. old, short, crippled, Elmer Fudd-lookin', PTSD, crotchety, white, patriarchal, cancerous, dying past

Not saying it's right, not saying it's wrong. Just how the press will shape the battle.


Conservatives don't really like McCain. They won't be inspired to show up and vote for him.

But they would be inspired to show up and vote against Clinton.