Brother Al

I'm going to say this...God bless Al Davis!

That's hard for me to say because I'm still a little bitter about Superbowl XV.

But there are not enough billionaire eccentric kooks in positions of power and visibility in this country.

Corporations are just that...corporate. They're run by men and women trying to please a board and afraid of getting kicked to the sidewalk for any misstep. Politicians can be eccentric kooks but they have to be beat out of the eccentric kook closet. And as soon as they're revealed as eccentric kooks, they're out of power.

Every now and then there's a DuPont with a gun or a Hilton with a mouth full of penis, but they're just wealthy and visible - not powerful.

Raiders fans act as if Al Davis is destroying a public good with his bizarre behavior and the Raiders should be saved from him. But they forget, they may be the Raider Nation, but the Raiders...the Raiders is Al Davis. He can do as he pleases. He can take his ball and go home if he likes.

And I hope he gets even more bat-shit crazy before he kicks it. I hope he changes the team colors. I hope he decides to not field a team one year. I hope he hires Pam Oliver to coach. Because until Mark Cuban gets Alzheimer's, this is a weird as it's going to get.

- Rickey Powell

You know that's a good point. Insightful, even. Al's kind of like H. Ross Perot; rich, visible and kooky as hell. But (Brother) Al Davis dresses a lot more like a pimp. [note: Believe me, if I were rich....]

Yeah, he can take his ball and go to Hayward if he wants. He can probably take it back to L.A. if he wanted just to mess with a man. "Fuck you white man NFL!"

Pam Oliver. That's damn funny, dude. And you're dead wrong about there not being enough billionaire eccentric kooks in positions of power and visibility. Two words: Steve Jobs. Crazy like a hyena.

And I do like that little coach Kiffin isn't rolling over on Al writing coach's resignation. He's like fuck you back, kook. Davis should go, "Huh?! Oh, yeah that's my boy! I was just testing you." and then he should hire Pam Oliver as GM and have Kiffin report to her. I mean, Al Davis of all people should want a coach as crazy as he is. Unless he wants the monopoly on crazy.

Pam Oliver.