Priceless Banter: The Album

here it is
the newest tKoL record

[clicky, duh! 50:00/104 MB]

By the Kingdom of Leisure
Headphones are Good A Thing --- Smiles Are Nice
The Kingdom of Leisure is:
tej hada as Todd Retard, a Retard Brother
rickey powell as Rickey Retard, the other Retard Brother
big dave wave as Big Dave Wave the world's worst podcast producer

Breann B.*
Susan K.
Mark B.
Dr. Hareem
Mr. Kollen
Mr. Tracy
Apryle J.
Trudy P.
Jerry H.
Danny E.
The B
Marceline R.
Tom S.
Roz F.
And others....
Produced by:
ty hardaway
rich walkling
dave blair
the b
Executive Producer:
ty hardaway
*Breann Beal appears thanks to Suffer4Art
...and don't say you never got anything for free © 2008
Photo by Lily Valle
"Headphones are good a thing," "Smiles are nice," and "...and don't say you never got anything for free" are trademarks of
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