The Old Corporation

I just received this note about my former workplace from another former employee of said former workplace:
"The whole management structure at [the old corporation] is so inbred it is doomed -- no fresh blood in years, and it shows. Amazing. I envision [CEO] walking into the rotting [old wing of the headquarters office] one day and finding the halls empty...a total collapse of logic apparently eating out the heart of [the old corporation]."
I never really looked back to offer an analysis myself. I had known that the place -- for all intents and purposes -- had already fallen apart. I wasn't surprised to lose my slot to downsizing.

Over the past year, I've received a ton of negative reconnaissance on the old corporation. Mostly I just ignore this information figuring that people are being sweet or just complaining for complaining sake. But with so many smart people leaving and so many others so deeply unhappy I am forced to consider the above quotation. Particularly, the phrases "inbred...doomed" and "collapse...logic" ring accurate.

Corporations, like humans, need to stay fit in order to age gracefully. If the corporations fails to exercise (physically and cognitively) its body dies and the mind decays. Slowly and painfully it just dies.